The Flex Belt will allow anyone to exercise their abs anywhere and anytime. This amazing advance in technology can be worn while at work, while exercising, watching TV, out walking or any other activity you engage in during the day. It is the first product of its kind that has FDA approval as a class II medical device.

Features of the Flex Belt.

The Flex Belt is an ingenious product that has been precisely engineered and comfortably designed to help tone the abdominal muscles. This wonderful belt will help you obtain a flat stomach or an admirable six pack. The results that have been obtained by persons using the Flex Belt have been so positive it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. The Flex Belt is made by a medical company with 40 years experience producing medical and consumer use. The Belts ability is to help sculpt a firmer and more toned stomach area without painful and repetitive exercising.

The Concept of the Flex Belt.

The Flex Belt is constructed with three pre-positioned gel pads that cover the stomach muscles and external obliques. The belt reaches out to nerves from signals received. Those nerves spread out to touch all the stomach muscles, not just the ones under the pads, that causes them to relax and contract in a natural movement. It works all the muscles at the same time.

The belt puts forth a mild pulsing sensation which is followed by a tightening of the stomach muscles. It will be a smooth contraction, the muscle is held for a few seconds and then gently relaxed. You will know you are wearing it, but it will never feel uncomfortable. Flex belt results should only take a few weeks for you to see.



It is impossible to tell a person’s health just by looking at them, unless you have psychic powers. This also holds true for thin people in particular. Just because you are skinny does not mean you are healthy, even if your weight is.

Most people do not try to gain weight on purpose. However, science is discovering reasons to watch your weight that don’t have to do with trying to fit into your favorite clothes. A study that appeared in PLOS Medicine took a look at 12,600 young men and women, and discovered that the ones who gained weight were also the ones who had an increase in their cardiometabolic risks. That’s obvious though, right? We don’t need scientists to tell us that. However, the surprising result from this study was that increased health risks occurred no matter what the starting weight of the participant was and this still held true even if their end weight was considered “healthy”.

Sorry, all you people living off the caffeine and nicotine diet; being thin doesn’t mean you get a pass to get out of living healthy. This study has shown that all people need to work on eating healthily and exercising regularly, no matter what their weight is. Even if losing weight is not your goal, not gaining it at all is a great benefit to your health. Remember this next time you get on the scale and wonder why the results haven’t changed despite your hard work.

The lead author of the study, Peter W¸rtz, who is the head of molecular epidemiology at the University of Oulu in Finland, told the New York Times “Our study that we did on young adults shows that even small weight loss can improve the metabolic profile. It does not have to be a big change to be beneficiary. Even with a B.M.I. of 24, it’s worth trying to get it lower.”

The main idea from the study, that we should all look out for our weight and make sure it doesn’t increase, is very valid. However, W¸rtz’s comments show how troubling it is to only use weight as a measurement of good health. He didn’t give a bottom limit for weight, but there are many studies that show that being underweight can also cause very severe health problems. It is not always bad to gain weight – for example, muscle gain, pregnancy, and increased bone mass – and a lower weight does not always mean it is better. Plus, it is unhealthy to constantly strive for a lower weight. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor to find a weight that works for you so that you are strong and healthy. This varies from person to person.


Now days, it may not be easy to get a woman who has a diet and fitness credentials you can admire. However, Kaseedee Jermain offers the best alternative you may consider. 

Jermin is credited for losing over 100 pounds in her weight loss journey. She is now reputed as a top trainer and a health coach. According to her, the only way you can achieve long term fitness is by eating smart. She argues that if you put water in a tank, you will come and get it full of water. Similarly, your body will work well depending on the type of fuel you use.

Your pre-workout nutrition needs

According to Jermain, if you chose the right foods that are suitable for pre- workout you will not only lose weight but you will prevent injuries. Women are advised to eat easy ñto- digest- slow release carbs and some protein and fat. She argues that these foods prevent indigestion problems and provides the body with sustainable energy required for exercises.
Eat plenty of fruit, but if you choose to eat a piece of bread, ensure that it is topped with peanut butter, drizzle honey and banana.
A recipe that is suitable for dinner should include; walnut fruits oats, and soy milk. An oat bar can also be consumed for breakfast.

You may also buy an oat bar or simple oatmeal chocolate chip bars which contains 10 grams of protein.

If you want something to sip, you can choose homemade smoothie that have plenty of chock rich in protein and carbs from fruits and nuts. You must also remember to drink a lot of water.

Post-workout recovery needs
After visiting the gym, ensure that you eat enough protein and drink plenty of fluids. Protein is essential and will help repair the muscles but you must eat protein that is easily digestible after workouts.

You must slice a banana and smear it with peanut butter and some shredded coconut so as to make your meal tasty and at the same time ensure that it has sufficient protein required after workout.

Cook it. After boiling eggs, ensure that you have plenty of avocados so that you can prepare an avocado egg salad that gives you the much needed flavor and the protein you require to help you recover from workout. This is not a heavy meal you can comfortably eat it without worrying

Buy some packed protein food such as GoPicnicís BeefChhese, Pita Chips variety pack. These packed foods contain enough of proteins which you require while you are away.

Sip it. Chocolate milk has and is preferred as a recovery drink for elite athletes. It has plenty of nutrients, and will help a lot in hydrating your body and replacing any carbs burnt out.
To conclude, Jermain notes that you must take note of the fact that different bodies respond differently to meals and workouts. It is not a must that we eat the same type of food. There are other options which you can try and see if they work for you.